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27 days ago homebrewman23: Does anybody know how to fix the issue Where the game crashes anytime you load a level? The only way I get it to work is if I reinstall the game, but I lose my progress every time
1 month ago FFloppYDaY: Does anyone know how to increase speed limit?
Making a gun but the bullet goes straight only when time is slowed.
4 months ago SIMAPRINCIP: Strange question... But where can i find the previous version published on the 31st December 2022??? Where can I download APK file?
4 months ago ROllerozxa: Well that's too bad, then.
4 months ago Unknown: Yes, but i can't normally play it on modern device, for example, I can't save anything, because new android hasn't functional button that needed to show game menu. Also, Google Play blocks Apparatus from installing.
4 months ago ROllerozxa: @Unknown: What do you mean? There is apparatus-web.
4 months ago Unknown: Why not revive the Apparatus?
4 months ago SIMAPRINCIP: hi how can i make triangular sprite with simple code? Please tell me
5 months ago MARRA92-AGAIN: pressed the backward button near name on top left, then home look like before again and works
5 months ago MARRA92-AGAIN: I cant see any file when doing Open after the update

5 months ago MARRA92-AGAIN: are you logged in?
5 months ago DaniLucky: Hello, anyone knows why the online play and edit buttons won't work (pc)?
I've got Principia installed and running
6 months ago MARRA92-AGAIN: maybe try use inverters so they work the other way, but no idea :/
6 months ago 32Emin: Hi , I made a level as named hillchallanger. I want do that lower time better but levels properties lower score better doesn't working how can I solve this? My old score 11k at now 50 k while enabled lower better
6 months ago MARRA92-AGAIN: @ROllerozxa: i'd have a request if is possible, would be great if robotic sensors would move along the rest of what they are attached to also when locked, they been giving an hard time making many builds wherer several of these are used
6 months ago RI7: and change or use it on published lvls
6 months ago RI7: anyways anyone know how to add thumbnail?
6 months ago loveaabb: @RI7: Yeeeah!! >w<
6 months ago RI7: Man i love this game
6 months ago RI7: so this game is really succesfull back then. nice!
6 months ago RI7: @loveaabb: sheeesh
6 months ago loveaabb: @RI7: Yeah.... it was the golden age of Principia ;w;
6 months ago loveaabb: @ROllerozxa: it's ok anyway ;)
im just thinking that removing the in-game help rather than maintaining it is somewhat preventing the players from learning the game while offline ;w;
6 months ago RI7: with 753 pages!
6 months ago RI7: THERE IS MORE LEVELS IN OLD WEB?!?!?!?!
6 months ago ROllerozxa: Anyways I don't see why it was a bad idea to replace the outdated object help texts with an online resource (the Wiki) that is of higher quality and can be updated and improved independently of the game. I'm not gonna waste my time maintaining two documentations for objects and items, when the inferior one can just be dropped.
6 months ago ROllerozxa: @loveaabb: Haven't finished the Wiki export functionality, so you'd need to scrape it yourself (here's the list of pages as URLs).
6 months ago loveaabb: i dont think linking the items info to an online wiki is a good idea ;w;
6 months ago loveaabb: How do i download the wiki to browse it offline? ;w;
6 months ago RI7: anyone know how to import lvls?
6 months ago RI7: @ROlleroxa: how to modify source code
6 months ago MARRA92-AGAIN: @beastie_bizzle: yeah, and most important its ridiculously simple with not even 10 electronic things!
6 months ago ROllerozxa: @RI7: Modify the source code, and you'll have a mod.
6 months ago RI7: Can this game have a mod?
6 months ago beastie_bizzle: @MARRA92-AGAIN: pretty cool. would make a good sequential gear selector
6 months ago MARRA92-AGAIN: Apparently I made an extremely simple multi switch base
6 months ago MARRA92-AGAIN: @beastie_bizzle: check my latest switch mod level :D
7 months ago RI7: aye why mine always crash
7 months ago RI7: how to edit save files
7 months ago ROllerozxa: @RI7: Check the Changelog for the current list of changes.
7 months ago RI7: What's new in the next update?
7 months ago ROllerozxa: @RI7: hewwo there
7 months ago RI7: Hello
7 months ago MARRA92-AGAIN: I've just realized that when going to connect two pieces they whow the hammer icon, looking closer (thanks to bigger monitor prolly lol) they also have a letter, F/G or other inside. Pressing such letter will connect related highlited-lettered joint
7 months ago ROllerozxa: @Unknown: It'll be back on GPlay when 1.5.2 releases.
7 months ago ROllerozxa: @MARRA92-AGAIN: Not known before, thanks for reporting. I'll try to look into that, sounds like an odd bug.
7 months ago Unknown: Will Pincipia ever be on Google Play?
7 months ago MARRA92-AGAIN: @ROllerozxa there is a visual bug about connection of the laser beams. if i tell to hide from multiselect, they go away but they are back as i play the level. prolly known alredy tho
7 months ago MARRA92-AGAIN: GUys is the lua gear idea doable? I think is somehow easy but would need some good soul to make it