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Principia is a physics-based sandbox game. Build and play advanced contraptions, circuiting, minigames, robot adventures and more. Open source, free and available for Windows, Linux and Android, download it today.

This site, principia-web, is the new community site for Principia. When you have installed Principia, enjoy the levels others have created, and register in order to upload your own levels and interact with the community.

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Want more? Check out the Official community site archive, a complete archive of levels spanning 2013 to 2018

Latest comments

MEMORY_LOST commented on clutch: 1 day ago

forgor to mention:

z for rpm
x for the clutch engagement
c for reverse

MEMORY_LOST commented on Wireless Data Transfer: 4 days ago

bro actually used magnet sockets for what it's used for xd

MEMORY_LOST commented on 4 piston rotary engine: 7 days ago

actually its radial not rotary lol.

ROllerozxa commented on Ford f150: 12 days ago

Please stop ripping off others levels.

KINNO commented on SKAY[1.0] : 15 days ago

Ke ke ke

Gamer127 commented on 32-bit Controllable Binary Counter: 19 days ago


MEMORY_LOST commented on Monster truck: 24 days ago

i suggest using the "chest opening" sfx rather than a wood for the engine sound i suppose?, it's just a suggestion.

Gamer127 commented on Roll!: 1 month ago

Thanks for the fun game.