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Principia is a physics-based sandbox game. Build and play advanced contraptions, circuiting, minigames, robot adventures and more. Open source, free and available for Windows, Linux, Android and more, download it today.

This site, principia-web, is the new community site for Principia. When you have installed Principia, enjoy the levels others have created, and register in order to upload your own levels and interact with the community.

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And the Official community site archive, an archive of old levels spanning from 2013 to 2018.

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Want more? Check out the Official community site archive, a complete archive of levels spanning 2013 to 2018

Latest comments

voxel commented on Tricky ball!: 22 days ago

i really want to see more creative levels like this one on principia-web :3

ROllerozxa commented on Tricky ball!: 25 days ago

I like this, very satisfying to watch :)

NoenD_io commented on Realistic Offroad Adventure 2024: 1 month ago


NoenD_io commented on jumper bot: 1 month ago

On android??????????!!!!!!

freelikegnu commented on Tiny Rocket Drone - Lua PID: 2 months ago

Very good control!

Aeonixx commented on Falling Notes - Gymnopedie No. 1: 3 months ago

My score is 3810

ROllerozxa commented on comically fast wizard (fixed): 3 months ago

laggay 🏳️‍🌈

MEMORY_LOST commented on comically fast wizard (fixed): 3 months ago

what the hell have you done 😭
it's so laggay it just crashed buh.