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Principia is a physics-based sandbox game. Build and play advanced contraptions, circuiting, minigames, robot adventures and more. Open source, free and available for Windows, Linux, Android and more, download it today.

This site, principia-web, is the new community site for Principia. When you have installed Principia, enjoy the levels others have created, and register in order to upload your own levels and interact with the community.

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And the Official community site archive, an archive of old levels spanning from 2013 to 2018.

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Want more? Check out the Official community site archive, a complete archive of levels spanning 2013 to 2018

Latest comments

Galaxium commented on jumper bot: 2 hours ago


Galaxium commented on Pullies in action (1:5 ratio): 3 hours ago

<3 physics

Galaxium commented on Simple Counter Setup: 14 hours ago

I'ma steal dis ;P

MEMORY_LOST commented on Rope movement: 5 days ago

dude i got jump scared xD

electro commented on Weight shifter wheel (stable update): 8 days ago

@agoThe4spaceconstants: agree, will look into it. Thanks :)

Galaxium commented on stackable navigator: 9 days ago

I actually see quite a few uses for this :O

Ima steal this 😉

The4spaceconstants commented on Weight shifter wheel (stable update): 9 days ago

not optimized
optimized motion is more like a sine wave

voxel commented on Tricky ball!: 1 month ago

i really want to see more creative levels like this one on principia-web :3