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Principia is a physics-based sandbox game. Build and play advanced contraptions, circuiting, minigames, robot adventures and more. Open source, free and available for Windows, Linux and Android, download it today.

This site, principia-web, is the new community site for Principia. When you have installed Principia, enjoy the levels others have created, and register in order to upload your own levels and interact with the community.

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And the Official community site archive, an archive of old levels spanning from 2013 to 2018.

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Want more? Check out the Official community site archive, a complete archive of levels spanning 2013 to 2018

Latest comments

ROllerozxa commented on Cheddah's Amazing Wheel: 13 days ago

yea it really is amazing

oatm22 commented on Cheddah's Amazing Wheel: 13 days ago

pretty amazing wheel tbh

voxel commented on HillChallangerEmin: 1 month ago

pretty hard

DaniLucky commented on jetpack 2: 1 month ago

Try adding a stabiliser with .05 for linear and angular!

beastie_bizzle commented on flight fighter V.3: 2 months ago

pretty cool. ypu might want to add a stabiliser to make it a bit easier to control the pitch

MARRA92-AGAIN commented on Possible 25 positions Switch Base: 2 months ago

use the WRAP condenser if wanna make it loop

MARRA92-AGAIN commented on Test Vehicle: 2 months ago

There is a chance the engine may glitch, i'm tryng to fix it remaking the top part but i have no idea why it happens :/.

loveaabb commented on Langton's Ant v0.2: 3 months ago

1000*1000 might be too large :w: