Download Principia

This page contains downloads and instructions for obtaining Principia on all supported platforms.


Windows 10 and above is supported, older versions may work but are not supported. See Windows Compatibility for more info.

Principia 2024.02.29 for Windows - Installer, 64-bit (recommended)

Principia 2024.02.29 for Windows - Portable, 64-bit

Administrator privileges are required to run the installer. The portable build has some limitations to it that are important to know about, see Windows Portable for more info.


Works with Android 4.4 and above. APK contains native libraries for both 32-bit and 64-bit ARM devices as well as x86_64.

Principia 2024.02.29 for Android

IMPORTANT WHEN UPDATING: Principia now stores its user data in scoped app storage as compared to in the shared storage. If you have existing levels and data saved locally from 1.5.1 you will need to manually migrate it to the new location. (See Accessing Android Data Directory for how to access)



GTK+3, FUSE2, xdg-utils and functional OpenGL drivers are required to be installed on your system!

A distro equivalent to Debian 11 Bullseye or newer is required.

Principia 2024.02.29 for Linux - AppImage, 64-bit

An AppImage is a single file containing the game's files that you run. For more information on how to run an AppImage see AppImage quickstart

Arch Linux

Principia is available in the AUR either as the stable principia package or the principia-git package tracking the master branch. Use your favourite AUR helper, as such:

yay -S principia

A custom binary repository is also available. To add:

echo -e '\n[principia]\nSigLevel = Optional DatabaseOptional\nServer =$arch' | sudo tee -a /etc/pacman.conf

A principia binary package for the latest version is available in the repository as well as a principia-git package which gets updated every now and then.


For Debian-based distributions, we have an MPR package tracking the latest master.

Install makedeb (if you do not already have it), and make the principia-git MPR package like such:

git clone
cd principia-git/
makedeb -si



Please clone the source repository and build from source:

git clone --depth 1

Compilation instructions can be found in the included README file.


An experimental port of Haiku OS is available for Principia.

For instructions on how to compile and run Principia on Haiku OS see Compiling Principia.

Problems, crashes or bugs? Ask in the Discord server or open an issue on Github.

For an archive of old Principia versions for various platforms, see the Bithack Game Archive Index.