This page contains various frequently asked questions...


What is principia-web?

Back in late 2020, ROllerozxa launched a new unofficial community site called principia-web, making it possible to easily share your levels again. It's later expanded into including a forum and this wiki. With the open sourcing principia-web is considered to be the primary community site, with the old community site being provided as an archive playable for those with a recent version of open source Principia.

What is Principia Discord?

It's the "official" Principia Discord server, an invite can be found in the footer of this site. It was originally started sometime 2017 as an unofficial server, but quickly turned into the main community hub after the official community site shut down. It was originally run by uni(valence) but has been taken over by ROllerozxa after a while of administering it. It is now the primary place for Principia-related chit chat, with even sdac joining it alongside the source code release.

So Principia is open source now?

Yes, sdac came back and released the source code in August 2022. It is available on GitHub, and is continuing development as an open source project.

When is Principia coming onto Google Play?

Principia will be republished onto Google Play by Bithack sometime in the future.

What about Steam?

Potentially... ;)

What about iOS?

See #85.

What about macOS?

See #144.

What about [Insert platform/Linux distro here]?

Pull requests welcome.

Where are my old levels?

They are available in the Community Site Archive. Keep in mind in order to play levels you need a recent build of open source Principia.

Who is ROllerozxa?

He is the current Principia project maintainer, he also runs this community site and the Principia Discord server. Prior to the open sourcing he has also done various archival efforts of Principia such as archiving old game versions or old community levels. Despite his nationality and seemingly endless knowledge, he is not or has been part of Bithack, but is a community member going back to the 2013 days.


I forgot my password.

Please get into contact with ROllerozxa and he will generate and send you a password reset link. In the future, there will be email-based password resets using the email address you specified during registration.

How are level screenshots/thumbnails taken?

Every level has one thumbnail, which is taken at the camera location at publish. As of now, thumbnails are semi-automatically taken by a screenshotting script manually run by ROllerozxa on his computer every so often. This may cause a significant delay between upload time and when the thumbnail gets taken.

The official community site worked by having a special build of Principia on the server that would take a screenshot at every Cam Marker. Originally when principia-web launched we did not have this special build, but now that the source code is available we do have access to it. It has yet to be implemented to work with principia-web however.