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Hi there, I am ROllerozxa (You can also call me Amanda). I am the main developer of principia-web and I am the one who runs this site. I now also work on the Principia open source project and whatever else relevant (you can probably see my name on practically all wiki pages). I occasionally create levels, most which I post to here.

If you'd like to privately contact me, send me a private message here or DM me on Discord, my handle is @rollerozxa. Also feel free to ping me in the Principia Discord server if you need anything.

Check out my blog or the Voxelmanip Forums. Or even donate!



10 months ago MARRA92-AGAIN: Thanks man, Im now able to work on older levels, can't say how happy I am!!!!!
10 months ago ROllerozxa: @MARRA92-AGAIN: Oh, I see, that doesn't work. sdac must have forgotten to remove the login check from editing levels in the sandbox. is just a reverse proxy hosted by me and I don't have access to the archive server itself but I've done a little hack to circumvent it. Try again now.
10 months ago MARRA92-AGAIN: ok thanks, but meanwhile how can I edit the levels here ?
it ask for login everytime and i cannot open
10 months ago ROllerozxa: @MARRA92-AGAIN: Hi, I'm not sure I understand. Do you want to use the levels from your old level folder? Just copy them into your user data directory at lvl/local/.
10 months ago MARRA92-AGAIN: Hi there how can I use my older levels? I can play them but if I click edit it ask for login and then nothing happens.
I also have a folder on old PC where I remember to have found some levels too
2 years ago ROllerozxa: @Danil_2461 what you want
2 years ago Danil_2461: b.
2 years ago ROllerozxa: @ROllerozxa test
2 years ago ROllerozxa: why
2 years ago warrior1232: a
2 years ago voxel: a
2 years ago Drag: a
2 years ago Drag: a