Cheddah's Amazing Wheel

ROllerozxa - Custom level - Mar 23, 2021 from Linux
Revision #2, updated Mar 23, 2021
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This is a Principia version of Cheddah's Amazing Wheel level from Apparatus.

It's a little bit stiffer in this Principia version, even with the hidden wheel in the center for the Cam Targeter removed.

While the original level itself is lost, it can be seen in the Community Level Montage & Christmas Music video by Bithack, around 1:26.

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1 year ago ROllerozxa: yea it really is amazing
1 year ago oatm22: pretty amazing wheel tbh
1 year ago ROllerozxa: @SchMOPS: not just you, haha
1 year ago SchMOPS: is it just me or is this actually satisfying to watch?
2 years ago ueuo: id 123 lol
2 years ago leevee123: soft body physics is the best physics
3 years ago Drag: joy of apparatus plays
3 years ago voxel: nice remake