Unused Objects

ROllerozxa - Custom level - Mar 17, 2021 from Linux
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This is a level that contains all of the unused objects in Principia, excluding the Gearbox and "Object ID 197", which crash the game when added in.

I've also added information about each object, mostly just copied over from the Custom Object Help project.

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2 years ago ROllerozxa: @Hosj12 Yes the breadboard and laser are both two objects that do not go unused, but the laser in this level is a duplicate laser object (original is g_id 71, duplicate is g_id 147). I'm unsure how exactly it happened but it's a thing, and it behaves exactly as the normal lasers from what I can tell apart from not having its own highlight name (just says "Plank", which is the placeholder name).

The breadboard textured object in this level is actually another unused object called "Background". In reality it's just a tiny useless breadboard that's even more in the background (staying as a sliver on top of the level background and staying below all sublayers) and with useless setting sliders. But from looking at the code it seems to have been intended to be a configurable background object that can take any level background texture and allow you to put several different types of backgrounds in specific parts of levels.
2 years ago Hosj12: the bread board and laser were in the original were they not? how come they were removed?