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We now have a Wiki page for LuaScript resources!

This stickied thread is for collecting various resources for people who would like to learn Lua, more specifically Principia LuaScript.

Most generic tutorials for Lua 5.2 should work with Principia.

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aw fuck, I got trolled

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Ah yes, the classic "why is there no undo button" question. It was planned, I think it was even on the feature request roadmap, but other features got in the way I guess.

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Principia SMP Screenshot

Danil_2461 has been hosting a Minecraft server for a while now, simply called Principia SMP. It's a simple multiplayer survival Minecraft server currently running on version 1.16.5. The IP is:

It might not be online at all times, and it goes up and down in terms of activity, but it's always there.

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ew, bedrock

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In a similar vein to principia-web, apparatus-web exists as an unofficial community site replacement for Apparatus. It doesn't get as much love as principia-web, but it's still there.

Currently accounts are separate between apparatus-web and principia-web, but this might change in the future as I want to make apparatus-web more embedded into principia-web for ease of maintenance.

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Posted by Drag
Do you have to have a premium account for the server or can you just play it on a pirated version of Minecraft?
The server is in offline mode, so you wouldn't need a premium account to play, but that's illegal! You wouldn't do that, right? ;)

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I'll use this thread as a place to put development versions of Principia 1.5.2 Linux packages previously shared in the Discord server, due to the fact there is no previously available version of Principia with patches for Linux.

These are of course not native Linux binaries, but it runs using the Wine compatibility layer and contains patches for system integration with Linux including principia:// protocol links. These packages depend on wine, so it will be installed if you don't already have.

If you have any issues in particular with these packages or would like packages created for another Linux package format (Support is being made on an on-demand basis), just reply to this thread as we don't really have a common Principia 1.5.2 bugtracker.

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Only possible evolution of this would be a bait-and-switch rick roll level in Principia. :P

Would be cool to make it stream the video data from the internet using Lua sockets instead of embedding it into the Lua code, it would circumvent the level size limit that makes the level itself unable to be hosted directly on principia-web. I'd be willing to host the server-side of something like that if it doesn't take too much bandwidth.

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None of Bithack's games are on the Play Store anymore, they've all been completely scrubbed even if you've previously downloaded it. Fortunately though it's been archived in the Bithack Game Archive. Here's a direct download link to the last version, 1.0.3.

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Hm well yes I've done some Minetest stuff too which you probably know about.

For games there's Build Game, Minecraftn't (Classic), Mineclone Alpha, Färger, spleef, I also contributed to your KetchupLand game, oh and I forked Sudoku some days ago, and there's some miscellaneous smaller mods I've made. I'm lazy so here's just my GitHub profile filtered to only Lua repos.

Oh and ROllerTest, it's cool. :)

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Yeah this is basically all that's remaining of the Principia community unfortunately. It's not a lot but it's something, activity comes in small bursts I feel like.

Oh yeah we also have a Discord server (there's an invite link on your personal profile page) but it is not particularly active either.

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Wouldn't life be easier if you could read what is written on the downloads page:

Since this APK is signed using a different key from the original APK, you will need to uninstall the original one. You shouldn't lose any game data, but make a backup just in case.

The modded APK is just as large as the regular 1.5.1 APK due to the fact it is the entire game, just modified to point to principia-web. There's no way to do incremental patch-like APK updates outside of Google Play's update system. If you would read on you would be pleasant to find the additional modifications I made:

This modded APK not only renames strings to point to principia-web, but also removes Facebook analytics and fixes the SFX Emitter bug.

That's really everything. If you want to deep analyse the modded APK you could decompile both 1.5.1 and the mod with JADX and diff the exported folders using KDiff.

(edit: noticed the post editing functionality was acting kinda gay so I fixed it up to what I assume you were trying to do :P)

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Apparatus-web moved recently, forgot to update the link here. Sorry about that, it's updated now.

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Principia Lua cannot access the filesystem (at least not in an intentional way), but you can load images as sprites, from an internal sprite canvas each LuaScript object has. There used to be this tool on the official community site written by pajlada that would take an image and convert it into pixel colour data that it draws to the LuaScript's sprite canvas (max. 1024x1024).

I decided to throw it up here if you wanna try it out, but it can be stubborn and hard to use. I'll be working on improving it soon enough though, there's some things I wanna do with it like adding some more information on how to use it, adding settings to configure the sprite size and filtering, etc.

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Oh so that's why I was never able to get someone who could test my x86 native library patches...

I suggest to remove the faulty x86 library from the apk so we can install it directly on an android x86 device or emulator with an arm translation layer. It will be better if the library can be patched so there will be no efficency loss in translation layer.

Yeah I was already considering removing it for 1.5.2 as I assumed it to be completely busted and it would reduce the amount of work needed for binary patches. To be honest running the armeabi-v7a version through emulation is probably the best for whatever obscure x86 Android device you've got.

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Nope, they're not gone. An archive of the old community site has been set up at and playing levels from it is going to be supported in the new open source version of Principia.

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Since we now have a new Wiki, I thought there should be a forum thread in particular for discussing it, if you want to discuss contributing to the Wiki or the like. There is of course also the #wiki channel on Discord if you want to chat about it there.

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The Wiki now has a page dedicated to resources for Principia Lua Scripting, available here. ZardOz's Lua Scripting tutorial has seen a refresh and is available on the Wiki alongside a new version of the LuaScript API reference.