LuaScript Resources

ROllerozxa (Avatar) ROllerozxa Posted on 2021-07-09 19:57 (edited 2022-10-02 19:25) Link – ID: 2

We now have a Wiki page for LuaScript resources!

This stickied thread is for collecting various resources for people who would like to learn Lua, more specifically Principia LuaScript.

Most generic tutorials for Lua 5.2 should work with Principia.

ROllerozxa (Avatar) ROllerozxa Posted on 2022-10-02 19:24 Link – ID: 53

The Wiki now has a page dedicated to resources for Principia Lua Scripting, available here. ZardOz's Lua Scripting tutorial has seen a refresh and is available on the Wiki alongside a new version of the LuaScript API reference.