The Wiki Thread

ROllerozxa (Avatar) ROllerozxa Posted on 2022-10-02 19:18 Link – ID: 52

Since we now have a new Wiki, I thought there should be a forum thread in particular for discussing it, if you want to discuss contributing to the Wiki or the like. There is of course also the #wiki channel on Discord if you want to chat about it there.

ROllerozxa (Avatar) ROllerozxa Posted on 2022-10-13 09:55 Link – ID: 55

All objects have been imported, and a large majority of the content from the old wiki has been sorted through and imported. I've also gone ahead and imported all item help texts into their own pages.

I went through all the object pages to improve them or elaborate on some things, but everyone else is open to contribute, it's a wiki after all. Sometime I'm going to be going through all of rom1k's tutorials, restepping them to take updated screenshots and fix up the formatting to properly link to object pages while I'm at it.