Wireless Data Transfer

BobMonkeypimp - Custom level - Apr 21, 2022 from Android
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One of mine from back in the day.

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5 months ago Hellohi: It's greatttttttt

6 months ago G-flow: this is actually amazing
8 months ago MEMORY_LOST: bro actually used magnet sockets for what it's used for xd
11 months ago voxel: > wireless data transfer
> look inside
> wires
1 year ago jtsb2333: how can you do theese?
1 year ago SchMOPS: that's genuinely amazing.
1 year ago krum555: Wow there is no lua?! The dedication and time it took to do it without lua i can only imagine.
It's just down right amazing
1 year ago JOELwindows7: Extremely duper juber real awesome whoahow
2 years ago SkyWell: awesome!