Realistic Offroad Vehicle (Reworked)

RandomMechEngineer - Custom level - May 28, 2024 from Windows
Revision #3, updated Jun 8, 2024
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Try out the new version of Realistic Offroad Vehicle in a challenging terrain!

Rework contents:

  • refreshed body for better visuals (especially with shadows on)
  • simulated suspension dynamics: custom shock absorbers and Hookean springs
  • better weight distribution
  • new transmission logic: press F or G to switch between gears, and H to change to Low/High gear
  • adjusted wheel torque
  • added turbocharger and boost gauge
  • adjusted exhaust emission


  • simulated soft suspension
  • soft-body tires
  • high torque dual motors
  • crawling gear and two speed drive + reverse
  • powerful brakes
  • load-based exhaust emission


  • Gravity is adjusted according to the scale of the vehicle.
  • Disabling sounds and shadows is recommended.

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