Simulated water Beta 0.4 for web

Blue_Beaker - Adventure level - Mar 20, 2021 from Android
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This level was a derivative of a level of the old site by me(formerly hhhh). Posted to test whether derivatives from old site buggy or not. It is a SIMULATED water pool. update log: beta 0.4 improved adventure control changed force calculating method added lua dragging utility beta 0.3 modified angular floating beta 0.2 added angular damping added angular floating(beta,so too much bugs) beta 0.1 It will have some beautiful shadows when you turn on shadows in Principia settings. floating rendering linear damping *density calculating It is a BETA version,so it may has many bugs.Enjoy it!

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2 years ago Blue_Beaker: Directly reposting old levels will not succeed, Save a copy and post instead.