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RoiziBlaze - Custom level - Aug 26, 2021 from Android
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I present to your attention my creation: a simple console simulator. There are several primitive commands here and they will actually be executed. It is possible to add new commands or edit existing ones. Commands are written through a slash "/ ". The following commands work here:

/CLR - "CLeaR", deletes the printed text /TCR - "Text Color Random", i.e. the random color of the text. The color of the symbols on the keyboard also changes) /TURN - turns all symbols upside down. I don't know why this is, but okay. Some symbols, in this case, will merge a little with each other. /EXIT - closing the level. /NUMR - "NUMber Random", a random number from 1 to 9999. /HELP - displays a list of all these commands.

About the bugs: the text is not limited to any fields, and it can fit on the keyboard. If you find other bugs then welcome to the comments.

The maximum number of output symbols (without displaying the keyboard, as well as excluding spaces, the Tab and Enter buttons, and taking into account the cursor): 511, with the keyboard displayed: 446. This is due to the fact that the game has a limit on the maximum number of simultaneously displayed sprites: 512 pcs. (when the keyboard is disabled, one of the sprites just hides the buttons, so the maximum number of symbols is 511)

About the PC: Unfortunately, there was no Enter key in the settings of the Key Listenter block, and Ctrl is used here as this key. Also, the keys with the English letters B and P in the game are hot keys that stop the level simulation, and they can't even be reconfigured. In my keyboard. Yes, I know, the keyboard is not the most convenient, in terms of typing from the phone, but this is at least something.

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