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chad64 - Custom level - Aug 28, 2021 from Android
Revision #5, updated Aug 28, 2021
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You can now drag everything around (except sticky notes and etc.) using this small script thingamabob! Made for/on Android, hope it works well in PC. Click it to drag stuff around, click again to turn it off.

You can multiselect and paste it in your levels (or others lmao). It is free to use.

There are settings inside the lua script that you can turn on/off. on -> sets if it is enabled on start. force_drag -> warps object to cursor instead of pull. enable_highlight -> highlights held object. lock_camera -> locks camera

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2 years ago chad64: There it's working now :D
2 years ago chad64: only works on edit? :/
2 years ago chad64: weird its n9t working