Music Machine 2.1

chad64 - Adventure level - Aug 21, 2022 from Android
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Music sheets can be found here.

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1 year ago krum555: I will make the speedometer thing when i have more time in the meanwhile thanks for the link to the api really helped me
1 year ago chad64: --here's a code that displays the y velocity of whatever object in your world has an ID of 1, you can paste it in a luascript to try it

function init()
something = world:get_entity(1)

function step()
vel_x, vel_y = something:get_velocity()
1 year ago chad64: @krum555: to use entity/creature functions you need to replace (entity) in entity:set_velocity() with the entity object returned by world:get_entity(). Here's the stuff you can do with the lua box (
1 year ago krum555: @chad64: i have way too many questions about programming i don't know where to begin. For example how to use get_velocity to well get the velocity of the thing you are trying to make? float x get_velocity() and get_velocity(x) return x don't work i don't really know how to make it work. If only there was a proper IDE in game that would show me syntax help.
1 year ago chad64: @krum555: Thank you! glad you enjoy them ^-^ i can help with lua or building stuff if you're having trouble
1 year ago krum555: Great job nicely done 10/10 sans music :D the first one is very nice too thanks for always making such good levels i wish i could be as good as you :)
1 year ago chad64: Ill add a better description soon