Tune in

Glados - Custom level - Sep 7, 2022 from Android
Revision #2, updated Sep 7, 2022
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Try to tune the sounds to the same frequency. Post your score at the comments and how many tries you took to get it.

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1 year ago krum555: Sounds like a the PS1
1 year ago krum555: Yea took me a few tries but i got it down to 0 once i figured out what to listen for
1 year ago MEMORY_LOST: Lol
1 year ago MEMORY_LOST: Its hard
Even tho i make music
1 year ago Glados: @MEMORY_LOST when you get close, you start to hear a third frecuency. Make that frequency 0 and done
1 year ago MEMORY_LOST: Idk how🤣
1 year ago Glados: @MEMORY_LOST Really? I was usually around 0.1Hz, sometimes even 0Hz. Minimum resolution I put on it. I think this might be harder than spected
1 year ago MEMORY_LOST: Score 79.7
First try