Advanced Vehicle Sound System

MARRA92-AGAIN - Custom level - Jan 10, 2023 from Windows
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Recovered old era level

Perfect idea for the vehicles that don't have shafts or piston engines, totally based on the linear speed, but can be adapted to all configurations.

HOW IT WORKS? Each speed have a vel.meter setted at different treeshold, each time a sensor outputs 1,0, it activate the next sound pitch; when decelerating it work subtracting a value from the current to obtain 0 that activate previous sound pitch. Could fail if you try accelerate rigtt after had shifted down.

NOTE This system is different by the ones I used before on my levels with shafts: in them, the sound of RPM effectively comes out the rotation speed of the flywheel, and is really rised or slowed changing gear.

Set it and install on your builds: -Adjust the indicated Vel. Meters to the speed cap of each gear, system will shiftup each cap. -Set the Subs by the top red beam for the shiftdown %. -Set the Synthetizers to your favourite sound effect.

Gauge: -Lance marking speed -Display marking gear nr

HOW TO USE: -Attach the 5 vel.meters that you see indicated with the arrow on your vehicle, the parts you see on the top red beam (connected to the platform) can stay apart since they have radio control. -Like -Enjoy

In future i will adapt a RPM gauge as i found out how.

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