Call for LUA Gears

MARRA92-AGAIN - Custom level - Jan 30, 2023 from Windows
Revision #2, updated Jan 30, 2023
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I have no idea how to LUA-ize this, but taking default cylinders size we might be able to assign them specific maths while interacting with another specific cylinder, in order to obtain the exact effect we would have if they were gears. Gears geometry have one thing called pitch diameter, and represents the size of the circle that a gear would have to be if could roll the next wheel without any slipping. is possible to scale down the maths to smaller numbers following the same criteria, teeth number plus addemdum 2, multiplied by the module must correspond to these 2-4-6-8 diameteres cylinders.

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1 year ago MARRA92-AGAIN: for example

Id of pinion (driveR gear) (...)
Id of crown (driveN gear) (...)
Pinion value (pinion diameter) (...)
Crown value (crown diameter) (...)

this could allow also to use other items making the game "believe" theyr cylinders, but i'l focus on cylinders as ther just right sized
1 year ago MARRA92-AGAIN: If game crash, open principia and close it, then retry.
1 year ago MARRA92-AGAIN: Idea is to have 1x lua object for every 2 gears, so we can give them the ID and tell LUA a number corressponding to the diameter that will be used in the rest of maths.
A thing that force two items to have specific ratio between the 2