Lua Gears Test Level

MARRA92-AGAIN - Custom level - Jan 30, 2023 from Windows
Revision #4, updated Jan 30, 2023
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For LUA making and testing.

Every "gear" has a digital speedometer, the speed will have random numbers, what matter is what shown will match the 8-28 18-38 (and so on) ratios

Not sure if correct but from pinion A to crown C the math will be:

"A's angularvelocity/rpm" * (A/C) and force C to rotate 0.285and so times slower and in opposite direction than A

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1 year ago MARRA92-AGAIN: define id pinion and crown
get pinionID velocity
this velocity multiplied by pinion:crown
apply this result as crownID velocity divider and torque multiplier

this is all my brain could do with no LUA skills