nomad - Custom level - Mar 18, 2023 from Android
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This level is based on the Gladiabots game . So you need to create an AI program for bots to perform a specific task. In the upper part of the level there are two circuits , on each of them there are groups of touch buttons There are 9 condition buttons and 4 actions in each column (4 action buttons at the bottom, 9 conditions at the top) there is one switch button above the condition buttons, and two indicators on the sides of it (the right one shows that the logic gate "or" is on, the logic gate "and" is on the left) So if the logic gate "or" is turned on, then when any number of conditions are turned on, if at least one is true, then the action can be performed If the "and" gate is turned on, then when several conditions are turned on, each must be true for the action to be activated Just like in gladiabots , the program is read from left to right . It is important to take in mind that the block will be read if there is an action in it . If there is only a condition in the block it is skipped. There can be only one action in one block. When you are done with the program press the button located in the center of the screen to activate the program. Buttons from top to bottom : Condition buttons: Wall detected Enemy in shooting range Enemy out of shooting range Shield 100-55; 50-5; 0 Health 100-55; 50-5; 0 Action buttons: Left Stop Right Attack

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