Realistic Offroad Vehicle 2024

RandomMechEngineer - Custom level - Jan 8, 2024 from Android
Revision #6, updated Jan 8, 2024
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  • soft suspension with springy linear servos and shock absorbing dampers
  • soft-body tires
  • high torque dual motors
  • crawling gear and two speeds
  • powerful brakes

Ps. Gravity is adjusted according to the scale of the vehicle.

The level offers engaging offroad terrain with creative challenges.

Controls and displays:

  • Sliders: throttle and brake
  • D/R = Drive/Reverse
  • L/H = Low/High gear
  • 1/2 = 1st and 2nd speed


  • 8.1. Updated body visuals. Cleaned up internals. Adjusted weight distribution.
  • 11.1. Added an RC for additional controls along with a new ride height slider. Adjusted level terrain to account for vehicle changes.

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1 month ago amit519: The tires is insane.🤯🤯
1 month ago G-flow: love it