Realistic Offroad Adventure 2024

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Drive a realistic offroad SUV in engaging rugged terrain. Experience the authentic dynamics with soft suspension and soft-body tires. Test your offroading skills and compete for the furthest traveled distance.

You are equipped with a service box containing two repair kits to fully repair your vehicle, and two jerrycans that can fill up the whole tank each. Drive carefully and use the resources wicely. Patience is key!

Find more info and controls in-game by clicking [?]


  • soft suspension
  • soft-body tires
  • high torque dual motors
  • crawling gear and two speeds
  • powerful brakes
  • load-based fuel consumption and exhaust emission
  • impact-based damage system
  • interactive roof rack mounted supplies


  • Gravity is adjusted according to the scale of the vehicle.
  • Shaking when stationary is inevitable due to the tensioned soft body tires and suspension trying to find a steady state forever.

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