The new Principia Official Community Site Archive

Published on the 10th July 2023 at 09:52:48

Recently (er, more like 2 weeks ago), the official community site archive at received a bit of an overhaul.

Previously, it was simply a reverse proxy sitting in front of, the original archive which is hosted by sdac. I initially set it up due to the original not supporting HTTPS, something which is now a requirement by the Principia client, along with wanting to improve the general presentation of the site.

Now it is fully hosted by me, running a fork of the software principia-web is running. Going forward it means that it will work better and in general be easier for me to maintain. It also eases further planned integration of the archive into principia-web, now that I have more control over it and access to its database.

This might also be a good time to mention that you can link to your user page on the archive on your principia-web user page. Simply go to your settings page and fill out the "Old community site name" field with the username you previously used.

For technical people, you might be interested in how I scraped the archive in order to make my own. There's an article soon out on my personal blog which will go over that in more detail, soon enough.