The principia-web forum has launched! (& More!)

Published on the 10th July 2021 at 17:06:10

Hello everyone!

The principia-web forum has now been officially launched. It can be found by the new Forum link at the top.

You can also browse the Community Level Archive directly on principia-web now. Simply go to this page and browse through the levels. Currently it is just a simple list of the name of every level, sorted by level ID. You can download the entire archive and keep it locally as well. It is a total of 8 000 levels, which is the equivalent of 28% of all levels that were on the official community site.

If you're an old player and you have kept your Principia home folder from before the official community site, you could have levels in your community cache that do not exist in the archive! Instructions on how to find your community cache and send it for inclusion in the Community Level Archive can be found in the Discord server.


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