Dark Mode is back!

Published on the 12th July 2021 at 19:46:21

Originally, when principia-web was launched in December of 2020, it had a "hacky" dark mode which originated as an userstyle I wrote to spare my eyes during coding principia-web. It was rather shoddy, simply inverting the entire page leading to colors being messed up all around the site. It didn't even work on the Android webview, which was a bit unfortunate.

It was disabled in February of this year due to the fact it was creating more issues than it solved, and I said that a better one was in the works. There was no dark mode in the works. At least not back then.

Fast forward to today, and I decided to finally take it on, creating a new stylesheet that overrides the colors of the main stylesheet. It was quite quick and painless, which makes me feel lazy due to the fact I've been putting it off for about 5 months now.

So go and enjoy the new dark mode! If you previously had the hacky dark mode enabled, the new should be automatically enabled. Otherwise it's available in your settings. It even works on the Android webview! Hopefully... I should probably test that, actually.


2 years ago chad64: It looks great!