principia-web is moving!

Published on the 26th March 2022 at 11:03:39

I am happy to announce principia-web has a new home at, and as such will be moving away from the old domain name, The old domain name will keep working for as long as Freenom allows me to and the old mod versions will as well, but please update to the new versions which will be available soon enoughâ„¢. You will also need to log in again now, apologies for that but browsers are fickle and cookie transfer between domains is not an easy task.

While I'm at it I probably also should mention that principia-web was moved to a new server a couple of weeks ago, and is now hosted at OVH in Germany. Everything else stayed the same so you probably didn't notice anything other than pages now loading slightly faster.

So please update your bookmarks, your password manager, relogin and enjoy!


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