An Adventure level is a level where you control the robot. This page will give you an overview of how to play as the robot and various adventure mode gameplay elements.


These are the common tools the robot can wield:

Please see the Primary Adventure Tools video for more information about how to use the tools:

Gathering Materials

Materials can be used to create objects in various factories.

Pumping Oil

To pump oil you need an oil rig. Place the oil rig on top of terrain and attach it and it will start pumping. To be able to grab and move an oil rig you first need the Builder tool. The Builder tool allows you to grab, move and attach objects to each other.

The Oil Rig has two status LED's. The LED to the left will light up when the Oil Rig is active (connected to ground). The LED to the right will blink when the ground below is drained of oil. When the ground is drained, you need to move the oil rig to another location.

When the Oil Rig has collected enough oil it will emit an oil barrel. Barrels can be taken to a Factory to create objects that require oil. Barrels can also be used to create power-up oils by mixing them with different gem stones.


To be able to mine terrain you need the Zapper tool. Stand close to terrain and click on it, the robot will begin mining and stop when you release. Different types of terrain will drop different materials, and in the procedurally generated adventure worlds will also contain random ore veins.

Using the Factory

The factory is used to create objects. Each object costs a specific amount of each material. The most essential material is oil. Most electronic objects have a plastic casing and copper inside for the electronics. The second most essential material is wood. By collecting wood you can create cheap planks and other wooden objects.

The top of the factory is used for selling objects. If you drag a long plank to the top of the factory, the plank will be absorbed and you will get 4 wood, for example.

Click on the Factory to activate the menu. The current amount you have of each material is displayed to the left. There are two numbers, the first number is the amount that the factory contains, and the second amount is how much you are carrying.