ID 134
Category Signal-i2o1
Sublayer width 14

Stores an internal value of the sum of all previous values read from IN0, minus all previous values read from IN1. The internal value is then divided by the maximum value and written to OUT0 as a fraction.

This object can be used as a "health meter". Use IN1 to decrement the health, and IN0 to increment. Wire OUT0 to a Ceil device and whenever the result is 0.0, all health is gone.

It can also be used for keeping track of a value between 1-20 (or even more with level hacking), as an alternative to the Switch for more than 5 switch branches. Simply calculate the fraction for each position as position / Max value and check against a Jumper of that value with a cmp-e or the like. See 32-bit Controllable Binary Counter for an example of this, which uses a hacked condenser that goes all the way up to 32.

Socket information