A tree on a windy day

Jerm_S - Custom level - Aug 20, 2022 from Windows
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I found some of my old levels.

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9 months ago voxel: nice save
9 months ago voxel: Woah
9 months ago Jerm_S: The tree used to be blow-up-able. That level didn't seem make it from the old site to the new. :(
9 months ago chad64: Epic, it's very pretty. why is it in space tho, hope the bird is ok xD
9 months ago ROllerozxa: either way, I love this, such a bustling tree ^^
9 months ago ROllerozxa: @Jerm_S: Screenshots are taken manually right now. Uploading duplicate levels won't make them get taken faster.
9 months ago Jerm_S: I forgot how to add a thumbnail.