Boundary test

MEMORY_LOST - Custom level - Aug 28, 2022 from Android
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I dont know what is this or what to use it for, but i tried doing something ig?

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1 year ago MEMORY_LOST: Nvm i dont use it in my projects
This level was just a thing
1 year ago MEMORY_LOST: Idk what is a signal loop.
I mean its a signal loop but like where to put
1 year ago ROllerozxa: I literally just explained it.
1 year ago MEMORY_LOST: Guess what...
I dont understand the object info, like someone in a video explain how it works or how to use it.
1 year ago ROllerozxa: Check the object info. It's supposed to fix unsolvable signal loops by introducing an initial value to the loop.
1 year ago MEMORY_LOST: Does anyone know how to use boundary?
Make a project if u know pls