nomad - Adventure level - Feb 19, 2023 from Android

In the beginnig set the slider to 1 The slider controls the strength of the legs For walking mod set slider to 0.5 For running set to 1 At first time it will be a little difficult but it will become easier over time Out0(A)OUT1(D) to turn right or left Out2(W)to jump Out4(F)to transform into gauss cannon During the transformation do not use A or D In cannon mode: A D turning cannon W to shoot For transformation in starting position point the gun up and press F again Out5(G)for fly mode In fly mode: A D left right W to take off Press G again to transform into starting position

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7 months ago ROllerozxa: Haha I love this! :D Level borders are a bit claustrophobic though, would love to see it running through some terrain or maybe fight something?