Principia 1.5.2 Beta build 2023-12-26

Published on the 26th December 2023 at 16:59:06

Hello, a new beta build is now available (2023-12-26). It fixes some bugs and regressions found in the previous builds, as well as adding new features. You can find it on the download page:


Maybe most notably, the game now uses GTK3 for dialogs on desktop. LuaScript has also seen some improvements, adding new functions and fixing issues in it. Behind the scenes, a new CMake-based build system has been rolled in to replace the old one on non-Android platforms.

Sorry for the long wait, the last beta build was... checks calendar released all the way back in March! The reasons for the long wait are several, but now that the GTK3 dialogs and CMake build system is stable future builds should be more frequent. The release builds are also now produced directly by CI which makes the release process much smoother.

With this build marks a new level version, level version 30 (Listed as "1.5.2 (2023-06-05)"). To use some of the new features in the build, your level needs to be upgraded to this version.

To see a full list of changes currently in 1.5.2, see the Changelog. Here are a summary of changes in build 2023-12-26, relative to the previous build: